Night Nanny

Support for new parents

Night Nanny hours are flexible: 9pm to 7am is the most common arrangement (alternative arrangements can be accommodated).

Examples of how I can help:

Support with breast feeding and/or bottle feeding
Advice on helping with colic and reflux
Preparing and sterilising bottles
Settling baby to sleep
Night feeds, or bring baby to you and settling afterwards
Nappy changes
PND support
Short or long term contracts

Single Baby


Price is per night (10 hours)
£25 for each additional hour



Price is per night (10 hours)
£35 for each additional hour
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I work as a Night Nanny in:

Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Peterborough, Milton Keynes, Cambridgeshire… I cover the whole of the UK and even overseas.

Amazing results! Worth every penny!

Sanity Saver

Happy Baby!

Diane held our hands and guided us through

Working with Diane has quite literally changed our lives

Good nights sleep

Sleeping from 7 to 7. Simply Perfect!

Don’t hesitate, invest in sleep

Gave us tips that we hadn't heard of before

We just wish we'd done it sooner