Amazing results! Worth every penny!

Absolutely fantastic! Our 12 month old son had never slept completely through the night but then at 12 months started waking every 2/3 hours and had been doing so every night for a few weeks, we got in touch with Diane for some help. Just a few simple tweaks to his routine and a few new techniques learnt and we have a much happier little boy who has slept through the night for the last week - amazing results! Worth every penny!

Emily Carter, 
May 2015
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Diane held our hands and guided us through

When our daughter turned 6 months old her sleep routine changed overnight. All of a sudden she wouldn't settle and woke on average every 3 hours. After 4 weeks of sleep deprivation I contacted Diane. She talked us through why our baby was doing what she was, and guided us through the steps to amend it. We followed Diane's technique for settling her and kept to the feeding and nap schedule that we were given. Now, 8 days since we started my daughter sleeps from 19.00 till 07.00. I can't believe the transformation, thank you Diane!

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Thank you Diane!

Our 18 months old girl kept waking up a few times at night for a feed. It also took us at least an hour to put her to sleep. Diane recommended just a phone consultation. Our daughter sleeps through the night now and her bed plus nap times aren't struggle any more! Thank you Diane!

Magdalena Dry, 
July 2015
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I wish I had contacted Diane sooner

I contacted Diane when our 15 month old daughter was still getting up in the night for 3 bottle feeds and then waking at 5am for the day. I also couldn't get her to nap in the day without taking her for a walk or a drive. This is my second child and I had similar problems with the first and I just couldn't put up with it any more. I needed to sleep! Diane came to our house and we talked through our daughters routine and agreed on some changes and a tactic to use during the night.

By day 4 she was napping in the day straight into her cot and having no milk in the night. She barely cried and soothed herself back to sleep when she did wake. It took less than a week for her to sleep through and she stays asleep until at least 6:30. Today I had to wake her up at 7:30! I'm so happy with the result and only wish I had contacted Diane sooner!

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Gave us tips that we hadn't heard of before

We have struggled with my 4 year old daughter since birth to try and get her into a sleep routine. We spoke with drs, health visitors as well as numerous Google hits for tips. Lotti is our fourth child so we are experienced parents but had never dealt with this before. Typically it would take my daughter 2-2.5 hours to get her to sleep, her routine was to fall asleep cuddling us in our bed watching a film then when she was asleep we would move her to her bed, she got up throughout the night and got back in bed with us.

We couldn't continue like this so we called Diane. She gave us tips that we hadn't heard of before and gave us tasks for bedtime and gave support for a week. We started the week leaving lotti at 9pm and within 7 days she now goes to sleep in her bed at 8pm, if she gets up in the night she returns to her bed and sleeps there. We are amazed at how quickly the new routine worked and Lotti seems very receptive to it. We have finally got a life back in the evenings, we don't know what to do with ourselves! Thank You Diane for your help and support x.

Sarah Barham, 
May 2015
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Good nights sleep

I contacted Diane for help with my 8 month old… he had developed a severe sleep association with being breastfed to sleep, which had resulted in him waking every hour like clockwork all night every night and led to me having to co-sleep with him at night and for all his naps. He was permanently overtired from all the broken sleep. I was so miserable about being bedbound for so many hours every day, it was affecting my relationship with my partner and I had so little time to go anywhere or do any housework.

Diane stayed overnight and gave me the support I needed to break that feeding to sleep association. That first night, and every night since, my baby has slept through whole night in his own room! A week later and he is SO much happier now that he is getting such a good restful sleep every night. And so am I! Thank you for your help Diane :) x

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We just wish we'd done it sooner

We would highly recommend Diane. After 9 months of waking every hour to comfort our twin boys and replace dummies they are now sleeping through the night and so are we! Diane spent time with us understanding our family, made a couple of changes to our daily routine and feeds and tailored a sleep training plan for our 9 month old twins. Diane's support throughout the process was incredible and she was always available to answer a question.

Not only are the boys sleeping through the night but they are now also having a morning and afternoon nap in their cots! I no longer have to take them for walks for hours and hours every day to get them to have a nap! Its wonderful and so is Diane. We couldn't have done it without her, we just wish we'd done it sooner.

Gemma Phillips, 
April 2015
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Working with Diane has quite literally changed our lives

Our baby, Charles, never seemed to like sleep! He struggled badly with reflux and we just couldn’t settle him in his moses basket. At three and a half months Charles could only nap on walks in the sling, and was waking at least every 45 minutes in the night. I was completely exhausted, and Charles constantly over tired.

Diane planned a daytime nap routine for us to follow, with techniques for settling Charles so that he could take those naps in his cot. For a full week Diane was at the end of the phone at all hours as we got to grips with the routine. Two weeks on and Charles is now napping every day in his cot, and last night slept 7pm to 7am through the night without waking!!

Working with Diane has quite literally changed our lives, we now have the energy to actually enjoy our baby! We can’t recommend her highly enough.

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Sanity Saver

Diane has been my sanity-saviour! After 2 years of many nightly wakings, long and difficult bedtimes and most of all sharing our bed with our son nearly every night... we now have a happy 2 year old who sleeps through in his own bed AND he even naps during the day!! Diane gave me the advice and help I needed, was very understanding and didn't make me feel I was doing something wrong... she just told me how I could do it differently!

She made me feel at ease on how to 'tackle' the situation and after 2 weeks of sleepless nights we have now made it and seen the end result!! It's amazing!! Thank you so much Diane!! To all mummies out there struggling... don't hesitate... just pick up the phone and give her a call, she's brilliant! X

Mrs Tiley, 
Jan 2016
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Sleeping from 7 to 7. Simply Perfect!

I would highly recommend Diane if like me and my husband were experiencing our LO was waking up every 2hrs wanting a feed, at 6 months I was becoming absolutely worn out. With Diane's support, knowledge and guidance within a week we had moved from waking up every 2hrs to not waking at all! Sleeping from 7 to 7. Simply Perfect!

Diane will also help with the daytime routine which had helped me plan my day better and know when I need to be doing what and when. It's a definite game changer! Outcome is one happy family! x

Kate Reynolds, 
April 2015
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Happy Baby!

I went to Diane for some help with my 8 months old and 3 year old. The 8 month old was breast feeding 2/3 times a night but waking about 5 times expecting me to settle him. The 3 year old kept coming into our bed and waking up the baby and us a few times as well. So in total I was getting no sleep... I was exhausted all the time! I spoke to Diane and we chatted through the issues and how best to deal. We agreed a structure to try to follow.

One week later I now have two children that sleep through! Go to sleep at 6.30/7pm until 6.30/7am. I'm ecstatically happy! And have had the most sleep this week than I have in 3 years! Most importantly the baby and toddler are happy too because they are getting better quality sleep. X thank you Diane!

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Don’t hesitate, invest in sleep

Diane has helped us for 6 weeks now, she is a reassuring presence, guiding us through those first few hazy days.

Diane met us at home on our first day back from Northampton General Hospital. It was such a comfort to know she would be there waiting for us. She stayed with us for the first 72hrs, then looked after our son, 3 nights a week. I never felt as though Diane was taking over. My husband and I felt safe to sleep and recover knowing our son was being cared for.

Sleep deprivation is overwhelming, I spent the first 3 months in a daze with my first child. Having a Maternity nurse/night nanny eliminates this. Diane was also able to gentle stir my son into a lovely routine, her knowledge and understanding helped us through some tricker times too. Don’t hesitate, invest in sleep.

Kristina & Mark, 
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